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Japan Trip Day 14: Osaka, Again?!

I was awoken by a thunderstorm. It kindof ruined my plans for this morning. Stuck without any real plans for today, I chatted with one of my roomates for a little while. Well, about an hour and a half. When she was heading off to spend her last day in Japan, I got a bit more proactive than usual, and instead of waiting for an invitation, I asked if she wanted some company. And that's how I suddenly had plans for today.

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Japan Trip Day 13: Tourist Trap Ahoy!

Today is the day I've dedicated to the tourist traps of a well known city. So I board a local train there first thing in the morning. The urgency of yesterdays post office adventure was simply becuase I'm staying in a different city tonight.

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Japan Trip Day 12: Old Temple

Today, I was headed somewhere. After getting up late as usual, I boared a train at Osaka station. For Nara. one of the tourist traps that are more or less mandatory for a Japan trip.

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Japan Trip Day 11: Maybe Osaka isn't a Loss

After yesterdays disaster of an afternoon in Osaka, I stayed in bed until 10:40. This time, I was determined to be better prepared. Will I succeed? I don't know, as I type this, I'm just about to head out. This isn't what I originally had planned, but I'm getting sick of past me's bullshit. Let's hope this isn't another lost day.

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Japan Trip Day 10: Back to the main island

Another day, another morning of sleeping in way too far into the day. This is somewhere around the half-way mark of my trip. Times been flying by really fast while also seeming like forever.

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Japan Trip Day 9: The Fourth Island

Another day, another set of plans changed. Being quite sleep deprived I decided to sleep in, skip the ferry to Matsuyama and just take the train via Okayama. I had originally tried to not cross my paths, but sometimes you get too lazy for that.

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Japan Trip Day 8: Into the Caves

A slow start to the morning, with only 4 hours of sleep. I barely have enough time to brush my teeth, find that I had forgot important documents like my passport in the common room (nothing important seemed missing), and stagger into the elevator down and run for the tram. I make it with less than a minute of margin. It seems Pasmo does not work for payment, however cash is flat fare anyway so isn't a major inconvenience.

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Japan Trip Day 7: To the Island

I overslept. Again. But I could still make it to my train if I hurried. 14 minutes to departure. I was in bed in a capsule wearing only a yukata. The timer starts now!

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Japan Trip Day 6: Through the Mountains

Another one of those days when I wake up early. Although in this case because of an emergent need to visit the porcelin throne. That gave me an opportunity to do my daily Japanese studies before leaving.

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Japan Trip day 5: Off to the coast

Fifth day, finally one where I wake up on time! Could also have something to do with the collapsing-in-bed thing, but who could tell.. Heads up: This post is going to be a long one...

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