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Japan Trip Day 10: Back to the main island

Another day, another morning of sleeping in way too far into the day. This is somewhere around the half-way mark of my trip. Times been flying by really fast while also seeming like forever.

Off, to Osaka!

But first, a bigger problem at hand: It is 20 minutes to check-out, and I am in urgent need of hosing myself off the grime from yesterday. With a 5 minute shower, I actually manage to do eveything one should in the morning, walking out the door 09:59. One minute before last check-out.

Is that a train in your station, or are you just happy to see me?

Figure 1 - Is that a train in your station, or are you just happy to see me?

As I arrive in Shin-Õsaka, I hit a snag. My data SIM doesn't work. It registers on the network. But no data. I make it to Õsaka station (thanks to available signage) and as I sit down on the upper floor, many reboots later, I can finally figure out how to get to my hostel.

After walking through an underground maze for 20 minutes, I finally find the right subway station. And for once, the Suica card I got in Narita works somewhere outside of Tōkyō.

After I return to my room quickly to check some things, I find an Indian guy napping in my bed. Turns out he got the wrong bed number. I guess such are things that happen in hostels.

An Attempt at Exploring Dotonbori

Headed for Dotonbori, I start to think I've passed it. So I stop and have a look on google maps. The corner I need to round is literally 3 meters away. And wow, this city really makes my social anxiety shine. Lots of people everywhere, loud music, restaurants with no clear menu on the outside, shiny lights everywhere. Not to mention that Dotonbori really is just like a never ending bunch of shopping streets, not much unlike the shopping malls we're all used it, with bars and other such establishments crammed it. Everything I don't like in one place.

I did find the Glico man though

Figure 2 - I did find the Glico man though

With a day like that behind me, I surrender and crawl into bed. Please let tomorrow be a better day.

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