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Hai. Uhm...

This is a blog belonging to internet user Slaeshjag. I used to study ICT at KTH in Kista, Sweden. I guess that no longer makes me a student. My operating system of choice is Debian, and I only use something else if the task requires it. I'm also using a somewhat patched version of dwm as my window manager. You can find a screenshot of it running on my laptop here: scrshot-laptop-2015.png

1 Blog content

This is where I intend to post about stuff I do. What do I do? Mostly programming and amature electronics. When programming, I prefer embedded systems like the OpenPandora. The relatively low performance give a bit more of a challange, which is something I like. I also tell myself that I like making games. I do however not really like playing games, so the games I create are rarely fun due to limited playtesting...

2 Contacting me

If you for whatever reason want to contact me, you have the following options:

Email: s {curly a} rdw {american decimal point} se

IRC: Slaeshjag@Libera


3 About this blog

I wrote this blog in C. I know it seems like I used the wrong tool for the job, but I really like C, and the string handling isn't as awkward as people pretend it is! To reduce the potential of security holes, the entire site as you see it is statically generated. Only the comment form talk to any active server, which is a small http daemon also written in C.

I may at one point share the source code for my tools on github, but for now I'll keep them to myself to avoid humiliating myself.