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This is a placeholder for a guestbook.

Figure 1 - The more buttons, the better.

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Links/Friends of Mine

On this page, I collect links to the homepages of friends or mine or people who do something I find interesting.

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Hai. Uhm...

This is a blog belonging to internet user Slaeshjag. I used to study ICT at KTH in Kista, Sweden. I guess that no longer makes me a student. My operating system of choice is Debian, and I only use something else if the task requires it. I'm also using a somewhat patched version of dwm as my window manager. You can find a screenshot of it running on my laptop here: scrshot-laptop-2015.png

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Eventually, when I've written about any vaguely interesting projects, I will put a list of them here. For now, there are none.

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