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On this page, I collect links to the homepages of friends of mine or people who do something I find interesting.

1 Cloudef

Cloudef's website:

I mainly know Cloudef for his involvement in utilities for the OpenPandora. He does plenty other stuff too. Apparently he's learning to draw now, I suspect he's planning to take over the world with loliā€¦

2 h4xxel

h4xxel's website:

A coursemate of mine at KTH, we study the same programme. Currently I've dumped all of my electronics lab equipment in his apartment and most of my components for a more complete lab to share. We tend to work on electronics projects. Apart from electronics, we do compo hacks for the gamedev compo at Birdie, and other projects, usually in C.

3 Moosader/Rejcx

Rachel's website:

I didn't know what of her websites to link, so I linked to moosader, the company/gamedev community she runs. You can probably find everything else from there. Apart from programming for desktop/mobile, she's also into languages (incl. conlangs like Esperanto.) I don't know who's worse of us two when it comes to constantly switching between projects...