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A Trip To Japan: What am I Getting Myself Into? (Day -1)

This is not a travel blog, nor do I want it to be. Future posts can be found here. I'm just about to head out to the airport, marking the start of my 20 nights trip to Japan. With me, I got a 3 kg rucksack and whatever I can fit in my pockets.

To me, this trip is somewhat exciting, but mostly terrifying. I don't like uncertainty, and I've never traveled anywhere completely alone before. I've had this feeling creeping up on me that maybe my schedule is way, way, way too ambitious, and that I'll never be able to keep it, getting stranded far from my booked (and non-refundable!) accommodation. Especially not to a country whose people are notoriously bad at speaking English. Not to mention I really don't know anyone on that continent, so any rescue is kinda far away.

I've never been in Asia before. I never even had real Asian food. I'm a picky eater who among things doesn't enjoy soy sauce or anything that comes from the sea, so Japan ought to be a challenge! I guess it's a good thing I leveled up my chopstick skills to the point where I can eat instant noodles without having them go everywhere.

Oh well, It's time for me to head off to the airport. More posts will follow if I survive the trip, and assuming my OpenPandora doesn't finally give in.

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