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Scrapping code you just finished...

After spending more than a week making my inventory screen, I feel like tossing it away. Why? Because the code is ugly and slow, and I can think of a better way to do it. And I don't like having a file with 1000 lines of if-else code. :|

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Comments for Scrapping code you just finished...

  • spiralofhope

    This is what a local git repository is good for. Go ahead and delete it and redo it, git will remember it for you. I find using a repo helps me "let go" of crappy code more easily. Mind you, I can't easily find old code when I end up wanting it in the future. =) I need to learn git better.

    • Slaeshjag

      In this case, the code was so crappy that it had no use what so ever :) I do use git though, so it's not really gone, I guess.